Cakewalk sequences are speeding up when slaved to a Fostex D-108, and the audio is making chipmunks out our music...

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Posted by Stef on August 31, 2003 at 16:27:14:

I'm having two different problems which are essentially the same:
#1 - When CW is slaved to my Fostex D-108, the sequences speed up, with the tempo in double time. This happens regardless of whether it slaved via midi or mtc.
#2 - When I try to record to CW (instead of using the blasted D-108), the recording is twice the speed. We're an industrial techno hard core band, and sounding like a bunch of chipmunks on acid isn't too inspiring.
The soundcard being used is an M Audio Audiophile 2496; I work in a music store and my colleagues told me this is the one to get for Cakewalk if I only need 2 ins/outs for audio... however, my computer wouldn't recognize the first 2496 I purchased, and now (after six months relatively problem-free) it seems to be doing anything I put into it while using Cakewalk at double the speed.
If anyone has any suggestions or ideas, let me know. Post a message here, the guys at work are interested in hearing what the other users think.

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