Roland E70

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Posted by Granville on August 24, 2003 at 12:23:05:


Does anyone know exactly how to send a Midi Control Change (00-127)together with a Program change Number from either Cubase sx or Sonar to the Roland E70?
It says in the E70 manual "If you wish to recall an Electric Piano 6 Sound(C 17 06)the Control change number 00-127 is to be composed from a sequencer and it must be followed by PRG 7 (BX 007F, CX 06);the number 7 (06)represents the Program Change number of the Electric Piano 6(see MIDI Implementation Chart)"
OK, so does this mean you are only opening just the one electric piano sound?
How do you open the whole 128 "LA" compatible sounds in banks C and D ?
Also where exactly do you write these instructions and what should they look like?
Sorry for being stupid on this one but it just doesn't seem to make sense .
If someone could just say "type this---
here---and press----this button"---then fine.

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