problems with gameport on SB Live Value!

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Posted by Falk on July 22, 2003 at 08:30:19:

I´ve got problems to connect my keyboard via Midi In/Out - cable to the gameport of my Creative SB Live Value!

When I connect the cable with the port the soundblaster drivers crash.
It´s not easy to get them back. A restart doesn´t solve the problem. When I reinstall the drivers (with many problems!!) the mistake comes again.

Windows says, it can´t find the audio drivers, and my soundblaster is dead.

Well something to my configuration:

1)WinXP (is this the problem? with another pc with win98 there is no problem)
2)motherboard with (unused) onboard sound (epox ***)
3) soundblaster live value
4) keyboard with midi in/out
5) cable from midi in/out -> gameport

I hope someone can help me.

When there´s a solution for this problem, I would find other questions to ask here ;-)

Thanks alot!


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