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Posted by John Haddon on July 19, 2003 at 18:45:04:

Alright, so I'm a newbie to this MIDI stuff still. I wanted to know if something were at all possible. I have two pretty old synthesizers (Emu proteus, and Korg 01/w fd). The keyboard on the KORG is pretty much shot, as well as the modulator and pitch bend controls, and it doesn't have pressure sensitive keys, but I still want to make use of the sound bank it has. I would like to hook up the two keyboards, have my proteus (which is responsive to pressure and has a working modulator) play the sounds the KORG is set too(this I have achieved), BUT I want the final sound coming out to also include the pressure sensitiveness and modulation effects of the Emu Proteus. Is this possible? If so, help would definately be appreciated.



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