MIDI sustain and other expression tracks

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Posted by Micheline Johnson on July 14, 2003 at 23:05:15:

I am looking for a MIDI editor that will allow me to add a sustain track to a piece of music composed with music notation software such as Finale NotePad Plus, which allows me to save my composition to MIDI format.

AP Sugunan's Swiftlet MIDI editor, see
suggests that the MIDI spec allows for toggle controls such as Hold pedal (sustain), Portamento, Sustento, Soft and Legeto pedals.

But when I downloaded his program, I could not figure out how to use it, and how to recognise the notes, so that I would know which ones to sustain.

Can anyone suggest an inexpensive MIDI editor that will allow me to add expression tracks such as sustain, and to recognise which notes in the piece are being sustained?

- Micheline
Ottawa, Canada,

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