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Posted by ooscar on July 12, 2003 at 21:18:56:

i bought a secondhand mainboard with on-board sound. (now activated in the bios)and a simple C-media duplex soundcard. i also have installed a roland mpu-401 midi-interface. i have connected my an1x synth to the c-media-card by two midicables. but in cubase i don't get input (on the input meter) and can not record midi. before i had an older mainboard without onboard soundchip and with windows 95. it was ok then. my question is: does having a onboard soundchip prevent the system from using the roland midi-interface ?? (in other words is it not possible to use an isa-slot midi-interface together with a onboard-soundchip and a soundcard) ???

thanks for help:

windows 98se
pentium III 500 mhz
128 mb internal
Nvidia 32 mb videocard
Cubase vst32

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