SB Live not playing MIDI in Win98- probably very simple

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Posted by Scott T on July 07, 2003 at 15:07:12:

I have a SB Live card running in Windows 98SE. I've been using it with Sonar without a problem for quite a while, but all of the sudden the MIDI tracks do not play when I try to use the SB's synth. There is apparently another Synth in the system somewhere (I think it's on the motherboard) called SoundMax, which will play the standard MIDI patches. So something does work- but I want to be able to use the SB Live because I want to use Soundfonts with it. I have all of the latest drivers installed from the Creative website, have all of the latest MB drivers and Win98 updates installed. There are no conflicts in Device Manager. The funny thing is that normal MIDI tunes will look like they're playing in WMPlayer, but no sound comes out. And yes, all of the MIDI devices (except and external one that causes a conflict) are enabled in the Multimedia properties in the Control Panel. I've tried everything I can possibly think of, and I'm hoping someone else can clue me into something I'm missing. Thanks a lot!

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