ProTools/Cakewalk patch assigments

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Posted by Allen Lindsey on May 20, 2003 at 08:21:31:

I'm having a problem and I think it's human error. I've been playing with both the free version of ProTools and with Cakewalk as well.

Problem is, I can only get my patch assignments to work during playback. As soon as I hit stop and start again, the patches default to generic program sounds, though the program number still shows as correct next to each track. If, during playback, I open the dialogue box to select the program I want, it's already set to the right program number and as soon as I click "ok" my Roland JV1010 starts playing back on the correct program. Once I hit stop, the program numbers still read as the correct patch assigments, but those patches do not play.

Reason I think this may be human error is that if I save the file as a standard MIDI file and open it in Cakewalk instead of ProTools, I have the same problem.

So what am I doing or not doing? The only guess I have (and I've not had time to test the theory) is that the files I'm working with were created in Finale and exported as standard MIDI, then imported into ProTools (trying to create sequences for a musical I wrote). I generally use internal speaker playback in Finale. Is it possible that my Mac's Quicktime info is somehow mucking up the works? I wouldn't think that would be an issue when saving in MIDI format, but who knows?

Any help or response to my rather muddy and long-winded post would be much appreciated!

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