alesis qs8 midi works intermittently

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Posted by james on March 31, 2003 at 11:13:57:

In the past,I've used my qs8 as a controller for absynth and for entering sequence data into protools. Last night I attempted to use it again with the same OMS config, and voila... it didn't work.

I need to double check the serial cable. but 2 questions..

1) Does the order in which turn the devices on matter? I think I normally turn the cpu on and then the qs8.

2) Is there a simple test I can perform that will indicate if the midi connections (plugs) on the back of the qs8 are still working?

p.s. I've used the test studio option in OMS studio setup in the past, and its never worked even when the qs8 was functioning properly as a controller.

thanks for any help

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