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Posted by Dovre on March 16, 2003 at 13:43:09:

In Reply to: Midi advice posted by Marquis de Mudde on February 21, 2003 at 00:01:41:

So ure looking for a new Sequencer right? Any sequencer of today would do, but you dont mention what gear u already have or how much u wanna spend.
No sequencer will make a Grand piano Sound. A synth/module/softsynth/softsampler will make a piano sound though.
Depending on how complicated things u wanna record by midi and how much u wanna edit them, u would prolly be aiming for a rather simple sequencer anyway. Currently Im using CakeWalk pro audio 9.0 wich should be able to run properly on a 500mhz pentium 2 computer. The better computer (more ram) and soundcard(and drivers) you have then better the midiresult when sequencing. Editing Midi files to sing along with them and maybe play one of the instruments yourself is fun. I've been doing that alot. There are some really great midifiles out there. And some really bad. Most of them normally sounds awful when u play them the first time. But by adding some reverb and stuff and connecting them to a good sounddevice they start sounding good. Feel free to ask any further.

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