Re: Cubase SX records double notes?!

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Posted by Makenote on February 21, 2003 at 23:37:12:

In Reply to: Cubase SX records double notes?! posted by noddy697 on February 17, 2003 at 17:07:41:

Make sure you have 'local control' set to 'off' on your synth module & whatever keyboard you are using to play the notes into cubase. If it is set to 'on' then you are sending the notes to your synth & cubase, then your synth is sending them again, hence the double notes. Think of a loop; Keyboard to cubase, then cubase to synth. With local control on, you are sending keyboard to synth and cubase + cubase back to synth.
: Everytime I record MIDI data into Cubase SX it reocrds the note twice. Both notes are identical and when this data is sent to my sound module it attempts to play both at the same tie and creates a phasing / flange effect on EVERYTHING!!

: Ive tried diferent input device but the same problem occurs.

: If you can help please mail me at:


: Thankyou

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