I tried midi port 330 in bios, still no sound with keyboard and onboard-soundcard

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Posted by Sanne Schaap on January 16, 2003 at 14:06:08:

I use an onboard soundcard of the "AOpen AK77 pro A"-motherboard. My Roland RD-150 is connected to the gameport.

Using a hint on this forum I managed to get a midi driver installed (MPU-401 Compatible MIDI Device). I changed the midi settings from "disabled" to "port 330". Control Panel then said the driver works properly, ie there are no conflicts.

Cakewalk even puts the driver in the list of input midi devices.

Problem: When select record with cakewalk and play on my keyboard, nothing is registered. Nor do I hear any sound come out of my speakers. (midi-playing and audio-recording and audio-playing works though)

Is this a problem I can fix by means of "changing settings" or "adding/changing drivers"?
Do I need to buy a new soundcard, eg soundblaster-LIVE?

I hope somebody can help me on this. I am dieing to make some compositions using my keyboard.

Sanne Schaap

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