newbie question: HomeStudio works and then stops collecting input

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Posted by Randy Bozarth on December 29, 2002 at 03:17:12:

This is my first visit to your forum and hope you can help me. I'm not new to computers but am completely new to music software and MIDI. Would be most grateful for any help.

I installed HomeStudio2002 on my computer (P4-1.5Ghz, WinXPPro, SB Audigy) and use a MidiSport 2x2 to connect a new Yamaha DGX-300 keyboard via USB. Installed the MidiSport drivers.

I record a track with input from the keyboard or microphone and all is well. I can replay it to speakers connected to the Audigy or through the keyboard. After several recordings, I eventually lose the ability to make a recording. I arm the track and hit record. I conclude the recording but find that no data was collected. There is no way to make it work again. I reboot the software and it works,again, for awhile.

Another time, it lost the MidiSport as an input and output device selection. Had to reinstall the drivers.

Something is flakey here and I have no idea. Drivers? I'm open to all suggestions.


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