Confused about Soundsamples/fonts

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Posted by J Burke on December 16, 2002 at 14:27:33:

First of all, My purpose is to buy a soundcard and software sequencer to record my guitar and voice at 24bit/96Hz, then orchestrate it using my GM keyboard with sound samples/fonts to create a DVD-Audio disk, or sample it down to CD-Audio.

This is what I plan to buy:
$200 - Ego Systems/ ESI-Pro Waveterminal 192L Soundcard (24bit/192Hz) with optional MIDI I/O.
$40 - Cakewalk Home Studio 2002 Upgrade ...(because I'm on a tight budget).
Already have - Casio WK-1300 General MIDI keyboard, mics, guitars and amp.
I Hope to download free soundsamples/fonts. I'll buy them if absolutely necessary.

My question is, since the Waveterminal 192L Soundcard doesn't include any sound samples or software, only the EWDM driver (ASIO 2.0 & GSIF compatible), do I need to buy any software other than Cakewalk (like, Gigastudio32) to apply samples/fonts to my MIDI tracks? Or, is there a work around, because I'm on a tight budget? Also, since I'm new to digital recording/mixing, any info or advice on software or hardware would be greatly appreciated.

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