Problems with "Waves"-plugins and Cubase SX

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Posted by kv99dto on December 15, 2002 at 16:23:34:

Hi I'm new here and have a problem i really hope someone can help me with.

I use Cubase SX 1.05 with win 2k and really like it better than VST but when I use the Waves-plugins I get a message "The plugin failed to install", this happens the first time I try to load them from the mixer but it works the second or third attempt, which is bad but not unbearable.

But when I save a song with waves-plugins and load it iget the "plugin failed to install" message and the song loads without the effects so I'll have to reload and reconfigure it everytime I load the song which.

I know that SX has had some problems with waves before but they work fine except for this. As I said i've downloaded the lastest patch (1.05) but it still wont work.

Anyone got any suggestions or has had the same problems? I'd be very thankful for help cause the waves-plugins are really brilliant and i use them quite a lot and I dont want to go back to VST.


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