KX Project Drivers for Win XP

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Posted by Lifeson on November 10, 2002 at 10:53:31:

IS it me? I installed them, got three messages about unsigned drivers and selected "continue" as instructed. Then it simply says "Installation Finished". But there is no KX folder create anywhere, and when I try to run the install files in the initial extracted folder "kxMixer" it just gives an error message that "kxskin.kxs" is missing - yet it is there, in the same folder !!!

Oh well, the website said that the KX drivers are for WinXP and were written to get around the XP problems with MIDI. They do mention SBLive as a supported card, but they say nothing about AWE64 Gold. They do say the EMU sound fonts are supported, and that is what my card uses - but it just doesn't work. I am sure Creative will never release XP or Win200 drivers (they haven't yet - after over a year has gone by since XP came out).

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