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Posted by Music*aL on November 08, 2002 at 18:24:14:

In Reply to: Re: midi connections to a usb midisport 8x8 posted by cain on October 23, 2002 at 21:55:28:

I have essentially the same set up.... My question is how do I get to record the Novation A station's knob movements in midi? I have an S80 that i use as a controller. I get no midi signal whatsoever into the computer when I use the Novation A Station's midi out. I do when I use the Midi Thru port, but cannot record the knob movements using that port!!

Any help is appreciated.


: im sorry it should read audio card not audio file.

: : so i should not connect the midi in and out comming out of the computers 2496 audio file.

: : : You can hook them up in any way you like, the good thing about having a MIDI patchbay is that you can route the signal from any input to any output.
: : : Make sure you connect the MIDI out's from your MIDI devices to the MIDI IN on the Midisport, and vica versa. The controllers only have MIDI OUT's so they can simply go to the MIDI IN's. Devices with both IN's and OUT's can be hooked up the both the OUT's and IN's
: : : on the Midisport. Your computer should be connected to the USB port only, it can send and receive all 8 ports
: : : thru the USB cable.

: : : : hello there. im just writing to see if someone can help me out a bit. i need a little info on how to hook up my midi connections. this is what i have.- i have a pc that has a pentium 4 1.7 gig proc,and two 512mb of ram for a total of 1024 of ram. it also has a audiphile 2496 audio card. it also has two 40 gig hardrives and an external 80 gig connected through firewire. it is running cubase producer pak 5.1 with halion sampler and wavelab 4.0
: : : : i also have a midiman usb midisport8x8 connected to my computer via usb. all of this is connected and running ok. my question is how should i connect the following equipment to usb midisport 8x8.
: : : : -----------------------------------------
: : : : emu-orbit 9090 the dance planet
: : : : roland 505 groovebox
: : : : studiologic sl-161 midicontroller
: : : : stodiologic sl-61 midicontoller
: : : : novation a-station rack mount
: : : : -----------------------------------------
: : : : i got all of this all hooked up via audio already,so that is no problem.
: : : : i just need some help on how to connect
: : : : them to the usb midisport 8x8. the usb midisport has 8 midi in's and 8 midi out's. if someone can explain how to plug the above equipment to usb midisport 8x8 ,it would be really appreciated. i am just totally confused on were each piece of equipment should be pluged into which in and out of the usb mididsport 8x8. i really want to have all my equipment pluged in via midi and audio. if someone can help, i would surely appreciate it.
: : : : you can also reach me at once again thanks in advance.
: : : : cain

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