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Posted by ronan hardiman on October 31, 2002 at 06:20:50:

anyone help?I run Cubase 4.0 on a G3 Mac 266Mz.I have Reason Software routed to Cubase via OMS with IAC.
I also have a range of hardware synths and samplers connected via OMS and an Opcode Studio 5 Midi expander+a Studio 4 attached to the serial and printer ports in the usual manner.
the problem I have is there is a significant timing delay on playing back recorded midi within Cubase between Reason and the hardware synths.I have tried varying all the preferences within cubase and Reason but nothing resolves the problem.I can obviously offset Reason within the track parameters of cubase-but is there a more reliable and permanent solution? Its not the processing speed of the Mac because I have encountered the exact same problem on a G4 867Mz.can anyone help?

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