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Posted by Les on October 27, 2002 at 11:56:44:

In Reply to: Midi and External Devices posted by Midi and Guitar on October 24, 2002 at 11:20:14:

Cakewalk will work fine. What you have to do, is find out what MIDI messages the preamp will respond to.
If it uses standard MIDI controllers, you can simply set up a track for the preamp, and insert the proper
controller messages (ie. volume = cc#7).
If the preamp uses system exclusive (SYSEX), you need the binary code from the manual.
You can then create the sysex data in Cakewalk Sysex View, and store them in the MIDI

: Hi, I am trying to control a guitar preamp using midi files. I wanna be able to create a midi file and at certain points witin the song make the midi file send a program change to my external guitar preamp this will make perfect change to different guitar sounds automatically at exactly the right moment within the midi file. What software does this and what is the function called within the software that adds the program change message?????????? I tried using cakewalk but although I could create the midi files easily I dont know how to make it send the program change message.

: Help please

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