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Posted by PMROZ on September 26, 2002 at 23:01:22:

got a bunch of great sf2's from generous sites (thanks jeremy for trumpet) and now am trying to make a gm bank to reside permanently in sblive plat s/w synth.
so how do i go about putting my favorites together into one gm bank? i've searched & found loads of info, tuts, etc on editing sf2's, but very little on bank organization. questions:
using vienna, do i have to copy all the instruments to one bank? or is it melodic presets i copy? or do i create banks in bank manager? (couldn't find a thing on that one) or the configure instr/bank window? can i save the configuration if i do it that way? so much info out there about one sf at a time, but none on how to put them together.
is it even possible to copy melodic presets from one file to another? some sf2's contained different instruments (or is it melodic presets) so i copied the bank, deleted the ones i didn't want (samples, instruments, presets) and then i had one per bank. but though i could copy the samples to another bank next to other instrument samples, the copy function didn't seem to work on instr or presets. does that mean in order to make my own .sf2 gm bank (like the 8mbgm/gs i opened in vienna) i need to manually create the parameters by looking at the other file, adjust, back and forth?
do i need to have 128 voices in a default sf2 (one i can load into the configure bank window just like i do with the 8mb, or chaosbank et al). i always clear the 4mb then load another... i'd like to map the instruments to the same patches as gm, but i'm only using about 30 instruments tops (plus drums). i'm going for quality instead of quantity so there's still about 28meg, and if i need to fill all the slots maybe build on 2mb, vintage dream waves or something small?
last night i loaded all the sounds to the correct instrument numbers using configure instrument window, they sounded great but when i turned the computer back on i got 4mb gm and no joy. don't tell me i have to load them individually every time!!!! is there a way to save?
i'll do the manual labor in vienna if that is what is required... but we're in the space-age, there must be an easier way? right? which reminds me...
anybody use other sf editors? how are they? ps sf express loader site is down...

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