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Posted by blink on September 26, 2002 at 00:20:35:

In Reply to: Re: Cubase SX latency posted by hamishx on July 31, 2002 at 07:28:25:

: Fixed the problem.... First things first, I cannot guarantee the following will work for everyone. The Audigy has proven to be the downfall of many a system but for those encountering problems here’s a how to guide to configuring the Audigy for SX on 2000 or XP. If it don’t work for you don’t get pissy at me coz if it was worth trying it couldn’t have worked before it!
Setting up your OS for optimal use comes first…I’d advise a clean install with ACPI disabled to be safe as several user report problems with this enabled. Just my $0.02 but I find the best way to get a clean ACPI free install is to disable it in your bios before installing windows.You can however disable acpi without reformatting if you want. If you open device manager you should have an icon says computer expand it and go into the properties of the new icon...under the driver tab click update driver>click next> select display list of known drivers and click next> select show all hardware known and you should have an option for standard and follow through to should note this can cause problems so back up important data.

Configure your OS for a DAW using this guide

Install latest drivers! Now this may confuse some people there has been a new driver CD released by creative it only appears to be available in the UK at the moment so if you are as well order it here If you’re outside UK all is not lost, you have two further options, option one is to download an ISO of the CD for which you will find instructions here else the last resort is to use the Compaq version for which you will find all info here REMEMBER TO ONLY INSTALL THE DRIVERS AS CREATIVES BUDLED SOFTWARE IS S***!

Time to install SX.

Now here’s where most people go wrong, I’ve found it's best to set up a particular default song for it to work else you will get midi dropouts, Cubase won’t set sample rate at start, audio will continuously be out of sync and generally the card appears unusable.
Here’s the step by step…
1. Open a new project using a blank template
2. Open the most common track setup you use
3. GOTO Project>Project Setup…, now set sample rate to 48000Hz and click ok
4. GOTO Devices>Device Setup…
a. Highlight Default Midi Ports and select the input your controller keyboard is connected to and the output as “SB Audigy Synth B [DA00]” so your midi always sounds
b. Highlight VST Multitrack and select the Creative ASIO driver then click Control Panel to set latency, I usually find about 7ms is best for stability
c. Click OK at bottom of screen
5. GOTO Devices>VST Inputs, expand the window as far as it will go and make sure all inputs are set active.
6. GOTO File>Preferences…, click User Interface and in the drop down box beside On Startup select Open Default Project then click OK
7. GOTO File>Save As…, and in the folder C:\Program Files\Steinberg\Cubase SX save the file as Default.cpr the file will already exist so click yes to overwrite the existing file.
8. Close Cubase and then next time you open SX it will have a song ready to record everything in perfect sync at low latency and finally the card will do what it says on the box
9. Be grateful to me for the rest of your life, continually bump this message, don’t ask this question again(unless this doesn’t solve your particular issue) and don’t take credit for this guide as it took me f***in ages to do.

To close off remember the golden rule “if it isn’t broke don’t fix it” hope this all helps


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