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Posted by earlthe pearl on September 23, 2002 at 12:23:03:

In Reply to: problems with TerraTec512i digital posted by Anne Glass on September 19, 2002 at 20:42:51:

: Dear Anne,
It sound like your setup is fine. Perhaps it is the configuration. If you would like you can call
the midistore during the day and one of us and try to walk you through a diagnostic.
845- 469 5115.

: Hi,

: I have problems to connect my electronic piano (Technics SX-PX222) to my PC. I am working with PrintMusic2001. At first I only had an onboard chip (PCI128), so the Software company advised me to buy a soundcard, otherwise I wouldn’t be able to send MIDI-in and MIDI-out signals at the same time. So I just installed a TerraTec512i digital soundcard and disabled the PCI128 in BIOS. MIDI-in in the software configuration is set to 512i external MIDI. I have also verfied that the MIDI cable is attached correctly (in to out, out to in). Output from PC is working as I can play/send a MIDI signal from the PC to the piano. However, I can't send input from the piano to the PC (it appears that no signal is being recognized by the PC).
: So what might be the problem? The soundcard (it seems that other people also had trouble with TerraTec512i), the cable (I am using a 15P-SUB-D/M - 2x 5P DIN plug MIDI in/out - that doesn’t make any sense to me, but you probably know, what it means; so maybe this one doesn’t have an ‘octocoupler’ or however it is called?), or is the configuration of my PC?

: Please help me, since I have been trying for almost half a year to finally get started.

: Many thanks in advance!

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