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Posted by Earlthe pearl on September 23, 2002 at 12:09:30:

In Reply to: MIDI Setup Confusion posted by Gary on September 20, 2002 at 22:44:39:

: Gary,
The midisport provides a midi link between the keyboard and the computer. Yes, you plug the midisport into the usb port on one end and the keyboard on the other.
The midi connection is only for creating midi files inside Logic. These are different than sound files since they only contain info relating to the notes played without any sound. The audio interface, on the other hand
is used to bring audio into the computer. YEs, you hook the output from the mixer into the EMI's input. As for recording on the second disc- use one disc just for your recorded files and the other for the programs that do the recording.
I hope this helps.
: Hi all;

: I just picked up a used system from an audio guy I know. I think I have everything I need for a mini studio, but I am a video guy, so the whole MIDI world is kind of new to me. I got in the package deal an Alesis QS-8 keyboard, a Midiman Midisport USB interface, a Behringer Eurorack MX 802A mixer and an EMI 2/6 audio interface(USB). The PC based system has Windows XP Pro, Emagic Logic Audio 5.01 and a Phillips Acoustic Edge soundcard. Know I know the sound card isn't the greatest, but I'm tapped for cash so I will have to make do with what I have. Basically, I'm not sure how to connect the whole rig together! Some questions I have--do I need both the Midisport and EMI 2/6 for this rig to operate properly? I intend to use it for some "in studio" live recording with a vocal track, guitar track, as well as a keyboard track. Do I connect the MIDI to the Midisport then USB into the PC? What about the actual audio out from the keyboard--should I send that into the mixer and then from the mixer on out to the EMI 2/6? And as far as recording to disc, I have a secondary 7200 RPM hard drive, so I don't think I need an actual tape deck(I hope). I'm pretty freaked out about all this, so if anyone can throw me a valium and some advice, I'd much appreciate it!

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