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Posted by Jeremy D. on September 18, 2002 at 07:36:15:

In Reply to: No midi in windows Xp and Sb16 posted by Eddie on September 17, 2002 at 14:28:44:

*Are* there Windows XP (or Win2000) drivers for the SB16? You could check at Being a discontinued card, I'm not sure Creative will have written drivers for it. You don't say what you upgraded the OS from, but if it's Win9x, the same drivers certainly won't work, because the whole driver architecture of XP is different (it's based on Windows NT).

Perhaps the time has come to get a new soundcard? You can get something much classier than the SB16 pretty cheaply these days. Or failing that, have a Win9x partition on your hard disk specially for music. But I believe you'd have to start all over again: get rid of WinXP, install Windows 98 in your primary partition, then create a separate partition for XP - I gather it can't be done the other way around.

: Guys i dont get ANY midi reaction after installing Xp. I can listen to music and wavefiles but midi is gone!! I use Cubase Sx and when trying to choose output in the "inspector" Soundblaster doesnt even show. Just a couple of Windows wavesoft synths but no Soundblaster output to make my M1 keyboard react or record midi with!!!... :(

: Any ideas?

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