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Posted by Karlos on September 10, 2002 at 05:53:32:

In Reply to: Atari to PC posted by Martin on June 04, 2002 at 03:06:51:

: Im trying to transfer my old music files (Cubase 2.0) from my Atari to my PC. I have not been able to work it out with neither MIDI nor filetransfer (floppy disc). Someone else must have done this before me!


I have very recently been transferring files between Atari and PC without any problems.

There are at least two possible solutions:
1) Check the floppy disks you are using. Atari and PC disks should work together, but make sure that you are using a 720 k disk (DD) instead of common 1.4 M (HD) disk. Then make sure that the disk is PC-formatted - just format it on your PC system to be sure.

2) Use a null-modem cable and terminal programs. On PC, the regular Hyperterminal that comes with Windows will do fine. On ST, there is a variety of programs. I use Trapido, but it is definitely not the only one.

If you don't have a null-modem cable yet, you can buy one probably from any local computer store. They are very inexpensive.

Connect the cable between the serial ports of computer, start the terminal programs, set the communication speed to the same on each computer (19200 bps is the maximum on Atari, so you might want to use this). On PC, if you are using Hyperterminal, do like this:
- open a new connection
- connect using (specify the COM port here, COM1 or COM2 is the most common)
- select Bits per second to match the speed specified on Atari
- check that the rest of the settings match (8N1) and click OK.

On Atari terminal program, select Upload file or similar (Send file). Check the protocol used (Z-modem is best) and specify the file to be transferred. On PC, select Receive file. The transfer should then begin.

If Z-modem is not available, use Y-modem or its variants.

Hope this helps.

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