loss of midi in on cubase please help!!

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Posted by vivlock on August 21, 2002 at 07:08:02:


I seem to have this odd problem with "midi in" on cubase, for example, the Triton and Guitar Synth which is midied through a midisport 4x4 can work perfectly then for no reason the midi in will not work
The input light on VST is not showing an input.
The drivers on midisport is o.k. so what is it!!
Cubase MME IS all enabled
Why does it sometimes work and sometimes not
The probem semms too be when the computer is switched off and re-booted
If the midi in is working on Cubase its working!
If you re-boot perhaps the next day and the midi in does not work, thats the way it is

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AMD athlon 1700
Asus KT7a


Cubase 5 VST
Creamware SFP Luna 11

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