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Posted by Mike Soucy on July 27, 2002 at 11:19:59:

In Reply to: novice needs help posted by Carl on July 26, 2002 at 11:18:22:

: I recently bought an Alesis QS6.1 and the basic Cakewalk midi software (Cakewalk 2002). It works together but my problem is that it seems that when I record a Midi track I have no way of getting the sounds from the 6.1 onto the track. The Cakewalk software only seems to have patches from Roland, Yamaha and the sounds that I'm assuming can come from the sound card (127 and 128 sounds options and a default option that is the same as the 127 and 128 options) in the instrument menu. Can I get the exact sound from the 6.1 onto a track? Can I somehow get my 6.1 sounds to be listed as patches in the Cakewalk software or a way to be able to directly record them in the Cakewalk tracks? Also, when I record my second track I have to be in multitimbral mode to adequately hear the first - so I can't use the other mixes on the 6.1 to record a new sound on the second track because I can't hear the first track if I'm not in multitimbral. I have only been able to record using a piano sound from Mulitimbral mode and then subsequently clicking on the patches provided by the Cakewalk program to assign sounds to each track - haven't gotten any of the 6.1 sounds on a track.
: Sorry if this is too basic but I'm very confused. Thank you for any help. Carl

Look into your sequencing software to change it to something like SB Live MIDI UART if you have an SBLive sound card. Look for a MIDI UART and see if playback from the sequencer sounds like what you played. I had to do this with XGWorks and an SBLive! card. Started playing around with Cubase as well recently for exporting it out as a wav after adding a plugin instrument. Kinda cool stuff!

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