wanted, dead or alive : roland rs9 instrument definition file for cakewalk

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Posted by ricardo lima on July 07, 2002 at 14:09:40:

I've been working with Cakewalk since i'm on Midi. I recently got a Roland RS9. This is the first time I'm working with a physical instrument, WOW! It really works nice 'n easy... just... one problem... I haven't got the rs9 instrument definition file for the cakewalk... i guess you can imagine the mess around!

So... if someone wants to help this poor little child on his midi wonderland adventure... please... help me finding that bloody file! :o)
Any information leading to that file will be... well.. I can't pay you... will not be rewarded, but, i'll be very thankfull!

Bless you, bye bye folks,
Ricardo Lima

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