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Umberto Coletta (1958), composer and piano performer.

    with the piece "Arberesh" for the french quintet Passaggio with
      Francoise Kubler - v.
      Armand Angster - s.s., cl., cl.b.
      Francois Couturier - p., synth
      Jean Paul Celea - cb.
      Wolfgang Reisinger - batt.
Arrangements for CD "Far from the Land of Eagles" [Lyrichord Discs Inc. N.Y.] by Silvana Licursi

Composer and performer in CD "Antifonie" for Choir and Orchestra [Splasc(h) Record-CD H 610.2]

Performer in "Silvana Licursi Italian and Albanian tradition) and "Zen bel jazz " group

Teacher of Piano, Harmony, Composition, Music's history and analysis, Ensemble Training.

Author of the book "Composizione Moderna" the technics and the processes of the musical construction

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