The Music of FreeBrick
Figurative Feelings Part I


Kilimanjaro Views

Funk Meditations in C Minor


Tap Tongo

Variations on Blue Ice

Music ©1996 FreeBrick       Artwork ©1996 FreeBrick       Design©1996-98 MIDIWORLD

About the composer
Name: FreeBrick
Experience: I've composed about 250 songs, I've recorded it all onto 29 audio CD's. The music I create is pop, jazz, techno, and lately I've become very interested in experimental music. My three last CD's are mainly of experimental nature. In 1997 I started working with the GM format, creating music suitable for the internet media.
Influences: Joseph Zawinul, Miles Davis, Ornette Coleman, Prodigy, Vangelis, Jean-Michel Jarre, Tangerine Dream, and not least Frank Zappa. ("Civilization Phaze III" is my favourite album along with Zawinul's "Dialects")
Hardware: Pentium 150/40/2.8Gb, Ensoniq ASR-10, Roland JV-1080, Korg T3, Ensoniq SD-1, Roland D-20, Denon DTR2000 DAT, Philips CDD2600, SB16 ASP soundcard.
Software: Cool Edit 96, Cakewalk 5.0, Improvize Midi, Aleatoric Comp.

A description of the files included here:
Mirror.jpg is a Bryce image I made. I'm one of those souls who believe that the universe in an endless cycle of expansion and retraction. I try to illustrate that in Mirror, when we're close to experiencing a reversed big bang.
figurat1.mid : "Figurative Feelings Part I" Experimental Jazz. More like free improvisation. :-)
katiania.mid : "Katiania" A tribute to Joseph Zawinul, I try to use some of his way of creating music, repeative solo lines in the arrangement. (background)
medicmin.mid : "Funk Meditations in C Minor", a funk tune where I mainly improvise and manipulate sequences, in short having fun.
kiliview.mid : "Kilimanjaro Views", an ethnic like song where I'm by the minimalism and atmospheres of Jon Hassel.
tbc.mid : "TbC" A tune I wrote for the "Cyber Street Music" a new project I started with a Japanese net musician a few months ago. Our goal is to create a CD including many net musicians and sell it on the internet.
tongo.mid : "Tap Tongo" More of a rythmic dance tune, where I use lots of minimalism and brass to get a mix of african and western dance music.
vblueice.mid : "Variations on Blue Ice" is an excerpt version of a tune on my latest audio CD "Blue". It's very different from the audion version, since I use alot of weird-sounding samples on that CD. The song is about a bad experience I had earlier with this kind of ice.